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Why we need your I.D.

We fully understand your privacy concerns when supplying I.D.
Here is some information to help you.

Sunset Cottage is a privately owned and self-managed Short Term Rental property. As part of our obligations and requirements under the terms of our insurance policy, we are required to identify the name, residential address, phone and email of the primary guest responsible for making the booking. This is a mandatory requirement to ensure the property, contents and our guests are adequately insured. It also helps us to prevent fake bookings that may plan

anti-social activities that may disturb our neighbours and local amenity.


There are a couple of things to consider.

1. We only need to identify the primary guest responsible for the booking. We do not need to identify

every guest staying at the property. 

2. The identification document only requires you to confirm your full name and residential address. We do not need a Photo ID. Therefore, documents such as utility bills, rate notices, mobile phone accounts or

bank statements (with financial info redacted) are all acceptable forms of ID.

They must be issued by a government body, institution or utility company.

3. Your privacy is paramount to us. Your details and ID are never given to third-party businesses.

Your details will only be supplied to our insurance company if requested.

Your details are not automatically sent to them on each booking. 

4. Whilst it is not necessary, you are welcome to redact some elements of your ID if it makes you more comfortable. Things like photos, card numbers, licence numbers or account details can be redacted if you wish.

5. Unfortunately, we can not issue access to the property without receiving your ID before arrival. The requirement to supply ID forms part of the terms and conditions of the holiday rental agreement in your original email.

6. If you would like to discuss your ID options with me, please don't hesitate to contact me anytime.

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No Photo ID required

As we only need to confirm your full name and residential address, you are welcome to redact elements of your photo ID such as your image, licence number, date of birth, expiry dates and signature if you wish.

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Acceptable Forms of ID

Your ID does not have to be a drivers licence or passport. You can use your utility account such as electricity, water or telecommunications accounts. It must include your full name and residential address.

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